Fix WSUS ‘unexpected error’ in MMC after installing Windows updates (KB3148812/KB3159706)

Update 4/7/2016: Same issue with KB3159706. After installing the latest Windows updates, WSUS Update Services MMC console gave me a nice ‘Error: Unexpected Error’ message. Removing and reconnecting the server in MMC, didn’t help. Neither restarting ‘WSUS Service’ nor rebooting the server solved the problem. According to this article Windows update KB3148812, which recently was released, […]

Fix error ‘index.php was not found on this server’ after upgrading ownCloud to version 9

If you just upgraded ownCloud on Ubuntu 15.10 to version 9 (using apt-get dist upgrade), you probably get the error message shown above. Adding /index.php manually still redirects to the ownCloud login screen. As mentioned here open .htaccess in /var/www/owncloud an comment out the line RewriteRule .* index.php [PT,E=PATH_INFO:$1] and restart apache with service apache2 restart

Redirect any subdomain http or https to a single subdomain with NGINX

Today I had a use case where I wanted to redirect any subdomain at any scheme (http or https) to a single https subdomain should redirect to should redirect to In order to redirect both schemes (http and https) to a single subdomain you have to setup two server blocks. […]